Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental Price, Review, & Near Me❤️[2023]

Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental:- If you’re searching for a Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaner to hire, Food Lion is a great option. The cost of renting varies per store but typically is around $40 for all hours of the day.

Food Lion offers Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaning rentals for a 24-hour period for $40. A $15 deposit is further required however, you can receive your money returned provided you return the equipment to the shop in working order.

Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental Price & Policy

Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaners are available for rent at Food Lion. The Rug Doctor Pro may be rented for roughly $40 for 24 hours however, the precise pricing varies depending on the region.

A $15 deposit is also required, but if you treat the equipment well, you may easily get it back. Surprisingly, the late charge is just around $10 per day.

We contacted Food Lion stores in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia to verify their rental policies. The locations we called were equipped with Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaners available for rental.

Carpet cleaning solution price

If you rent the Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaner through Food Lion, you will require the cleaning solution separately. The cleaning solution available at Food Lion sells for as high as $25 however, there are less expensive options available for less than $5.

Your cleaner will depend on the filth or stain you need to remove. If needed a customer care professional can help. For $6, staircase and furniture cleaning equipment are available.

How to rent a carpet cleaner from Food Lion?

  • You can shop as usual however, you must be sure to carry a government-issued ID card like a driver’s license.
  • Since Food Lion verifies the customer’s identity before renting carpet cleaners or any other equipment in the first place.
  • Contact a Food Lion cashier or sales representative for more information about renting and then pay the deposit to rent a carpet cleaning. That’s it!
  • Be sure that you get the cleaner back within the stipulated time to avoid the Food Lion late fee.

Food Lion’s late fee on carpet cleaner rental

A driver’s license is required to rent Rug Doctor Pro. Rug Doctor Pro by Food Lion A $10 daily late fee will apply if you use the equipment after the rental time has ended. Your nearby Food Lion is where you may rent a Rug Doctor Pro.

How do you use a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner?

Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental Review

Help For Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental

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  Food Lion Carpet Cleaner Rental Near me

Final Words

At Food Lion locations, carpet cleaners may be leased for about $40 per day. A $15 deposit is required throughout the rental duration but will be refunded if the machine is returned undamaged and within the leasing period. Food Lion’s rental policy also includes a ten-dollar late fee for each extra twenty-four hours.

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