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Giant Carpet Cleaner Rental– Customers expect Giant food, one of the most reliable supermarkets for household necessities, to have cleaning goods. Customers enquire whether Giant food offers carpet cleaner rentals. Therefore, you should continue reading.

The supermarket stores of Giant Food rent Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for around $30 per 24 hours. $40 is required for the 48-hours rental period. If you return the carpet cleaner late you will be charged for an additional 24 hours.

giant carpet cleaning price

Giant Food grocery stores rent out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. We called Giant Food stores in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia; all of the stores we spoke to were equipped with Rug Doctor machines available

how much now does Giant Carpet Cleaner Rental Price?

Prices vary based on the Rug Doctor cleaner model you decide to rent and the length of the. The shops we talked to offer one of the X3 Carpet Cleaners available for approximately $30 for a 24-hour rental and for the Pro Deep Cleaner for about $35.

The customer support personnel advised selecting the option for a 48-hour rental at a cost of $10 if you wanted to prolong the duration of usage.

Rug Doctor offers a third model, called the Pro Portable Detailer but none of the Giant stores we visited were carrying this model.

giant carpet cleaner price, review, & near me

what should I do for Rent a Giant food carpet cleaning rental?

Giant requires a photo ID for carpet cleaning rentals. There’s no deposit because you’ll pay the whole rental amount upfront. Giant will charge you for another 24 hours if you return your Rug Doctor late. If you think you’ll need more than 24 hours to clean your carpet, a 48-hour rental is cheaper.

How much price of a Carpet cleaning solution?

According to the store manager, a bottle of Rug Doctor carpet cleaning solution costs between $10 and $15 at Giant. The pricing varies from store to store and appears to be dependent on bottle size and formula.

Giant Carpet Cleaner Review

Help for Giant food carpet cleaner Rental

  • Need Help? Please call us – at 888-469-4426 
  • Call us from Monday–For all other Customer Care questions
  • Mon – Fri :- 8a-7p ET Sat :-8a-5p ET Sun :- Closed
  • Official Website –

Giant Carpet Cleaner Rental Near Me

Giant Carpet Cleaner Rental FAQs

How much does a heavy-duty carpet cleaner cost?

Professional carpet cleaning services typically cost based on the number of rooms. The cost averages to be around fifty dollars for each room which is $0.25 for every square inch of carpet. Cleaning the whole house can cost anywhere from $175-$600.

Why is my carpet still dirty after cleaning?

1 Stains reappearing after carpet cleaning? Carpets that look stained or dirty reappear following cleaning. This is due to something known as”wicking. This happens due to wetting the carpet, its pad, and backing which results in them returning to the surface when dry.

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