Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Rental Price, Review & Near Me [2023]

Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Rental – For major carpet cleaning projects, the proper equipment is required. Floor scrubbers and carpet cleaners are the preferred tools for professional home and business cleaning although they aren’t always required in the home.

This is why several homeowners query whether or not Home Depot rents carpet cleaners. Thankfully, the answer may be found in this blog article.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about carpet cleaning rental from Home Depot.

The cheapest carpet cleaning rental option at Home Depot is the Karcher spot cleaner, which costs $19 for 4 hours or $35 per day.

Home Depot requires a $50 deposit for carpet cleaner rentals and a $150 deposit for extractor rentals, which are added to the total rental price.

Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Rental

Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Rental Price & Policy

A machine’s size, duration, and location all affect how much it will cost to rent it. Rental prices for carpet washers at Home Depot are usually $24 per hour, $35 per day, $135 per week, or $400 every four weeks.

To give you an idea of the carpet cleaning rental options available at Home Depot, below are a few popular machines:

Check Home Depot’s website for pricing information, since prices vary by region.

Carpet cleaners at Home Depot need a deposit of $50. Maintain the unit in working order to receive your money back. Only approved credit cards are accepted for payment. Cash is thus not accepted.

Pre-treaters, carpet cleaners, and other equipment are available for rental at Home Depot. Inquire about Home Depot carpet cleaning rental prices while making your reservation.

 Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Rental Price 

Carpet Cleaner (4-Hour Minimum) $23.00
Carpet Cleaner (Per Day) $35.00
Carpet Cleaner (Per Week) $132.00
Carpet Cleaner (4 Weeks) $396.00

How to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Home Depot?

When it comes to renting carpet cleaners from Home Depot, you have two options: online or in-store.


Visit your neighborhood Home Depot. To hire carpet cleaners go to Home Depot. The Home Depot personnel will next assist you in selecting the appropriate machine as well as explaining the rental agreement and payment.

Bring your ID and a credit card to establish your identity. The machine and instructions will be sent to you when you pay the Home Depot carpet cleaning rental price and deposit.


Click “Tool Rental” and “Carpet Cleaners” at Home Depot to rent carpet cleaners. Choose the correct carpet cleaning size and type it on the next page.

Select an item and then click “Check Availability.” On the page for carpet cleaning, enter your zip code to see Home Depot stores. Home Depot then gives availability, store information, and rental cost for nearby carpet cleaning services. Identify a Home Depot.

Click “Reserve” afterward. Enter the day and time of pickup. The rental rates will be disclosed based on the availability of the unit. If the rates are satisfactory, click “Start Reservation” to complete your purchase.

Your Home Depot card number and expiration date are required. Home Depot emails carpet cleaner rental confirmations.

Late Fee

Home Depot charges a fee for late returns of machines.

If you overstay, the company will assess an hourly fee. You must pay two normal hourly rates if you miss your window by two hours. Home Depot will charge you for 24 hours of lateness.

To avoid penalties timely return the borrowed machine to Home Depot.

Cleaning Solution

The consumers of Home Depot may get free cleaning solutions from the store. This is something that the machine decides for itself.

If the cleaning solution you need for your carpet cleaner isn’t included, you may buy it at Home Depot. You get to choose both the aroma and the amount.

However, carpets and equipment might be damaged by using the wrong cleaning solution.

Home Delivery Service

If you rent carpet cleaners online, Home Depot will provide you with the pick-up address. Home Depot offers delivery if you are unable to pick up the equipment yourself.

Home Depot carpet cleaner rentals are available for pickup at the rental counter. Typically Home Depot stores have a service area.

Karcher carpet cleaner Rental From Home Depot

Home Depot Carpet Cleaner Help

Need Help? Please call us at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)

Official Website: www.homedepot.com

Home depot carpet cleaner rental Review Video

Final words

Carpet cleaners can be hired at Home Depot for 4-hours for a single day, a week, or four weeks. The price you pay at the beginning includes the time you rent plus a deposit of $50 to cover damages.

If you don’t return the carpet cleaner prior to the time specified and date, you could be required to pay a penalty. Rental services are available in over 1200 retail stores or on the internet.

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