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King Soopers Carpet Cleaner Rental– King Soopers Grocery store rents carpet cleaners to customers for a small fee. Customers are responsible for returning the machine within a specified time otherwise they have to be paid an extra fee.

King Soopers offers daily Rug Doctor rentals at $35. When the carpet cleaner is returned on time and in pristine shape, most King Soopers locations will refund the $15 deposit. Government-issued photo identification is necessary, although credit cards are not. Below are the carpet cleaning rental policies of King Soopers.

King Soopers Carpet Cleaner Rental Price

King Soopers Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy

The grocery store King Soopers in Denver, Colorado, offers Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for rent. The Find a Location portion of Rug Doctor’s website features a long list of King Soopers outlets. Ten different King Soopers locations across Colorado Springs were contacted to ensure stock.


According to Rug Doctor, the Pro Deep Cleaner, X3 Carpet Cleaner, and Pro Portable Detailer & Spot Cleaner are all available for rental. King Soopers rented the Pro Deep Cleaner exclusively. Some businesses sell devices for cleaning upholstery and stairs.

  • Brand: Rug Doctor.
  • Machine rental fees:$35 for 24 hours and $45 for 48 hours.
  • Attachments: About $6 each.
  • Cleaning solutions cost:$9 to $25.
  • Total cost:$35 to $76, not including the deposit.
  • Refundable deposit:$15 King Soopers will refund the deposit if you return the machine by the end of your rental period.

Cleaning Solutions price

Each Rug Doctor machine requires a cleaning solution in order to do its job. King Soopers sells Rug Doctor cleaning solutions for between $8.99 and $24.99 apiece.

 Returning time

Most King Soopers stores require a $15 deposit to rent a carpet cleaner; if the equipment is returned on time and undamaged, the deposit is reimbursed. otherwise, they have to be paid an extra fee.

How To Rent King Soopers Carpet Cleaner?

King Soopers requires a $15 deposit and a government-issued picture ID to hire carpet cleaners. Return the machine on schedule and in excellent condition to get your deposit. Only one of the stores we contacted said it requires payment by credit card for security purposes. All of the other stores said you could use your preferred method of payment, including cash.

Call your local King Soopers shop for additional information on a specific Rug Doctor model or cash payments.

King Soopers Carpet Cleaner Rental Review

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King Soopers Carpet Cleaner Rental FAQs

How much is it to rent a Rug Doctor at King Soopers?

King Soopers rents “Rug Doctor” carpet cleaners at $35 per 24 hours and $45 for 48 hours.

How long does it take for Rug Doctor to dry?

Depending on the climate and carpet thickness, drying takes typically two hours. To speed up drying, open windows and doors, or switch on the air conditioning, a dehumidifier, or a fan heater. Placing plastic or aluminum foil under furniture legs will help prevent stains if you need to replace furniture before the carpet is entirely dried.

Is Rug Doctor a steam cleaner?

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner and Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaners both made the list as the Best Rated Home Carpet Steam Cleaners and Best Commercial Steam Cleaners, respectively.

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