Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Price, Review, & Near Me❤️[2023]

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental-: Pets are known to leave messes behind. It’s the truth, even though we adore them. Cleaning up those spills is simple with Pawsitively Clean pet carpet cleaner from Petsmart Rental.

Petsmart offers “BISSELL” carpet cleaner rentals for a 24-hour period for $30 and $40 for 48 hours. A $30 deposit is further required however, you can receive your money returned provided you return the equipment to the shop in working order.

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Price,

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Price

We headed to our local PetSmart and located the rental kiosk with no problems. It’s right in front of the store. A 24-hour rental is $30 (prices may vary at different locations), and you can also rent the hand tools to get to out-of-reach places or to shampoo vehicle carpets. The hand tools are an additional fee.

Brand: “Bissell”

Machine rental fees: $30 for 24 hours and $40 for 48 hours.

Attachments: $5 for each PetSmart carpet cleaner tool.

Cleaning solutions cost: start from $15 to $35.

Refundable deposit: $30 refundable when you return the machine in clean, working order

Total cost:$30 to $80

how to rent a Petsmart carpet cleaner?

Petsmart carpet cleaner rental form download it here.

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Price, Review, & Near Me

Why Rent The Petsmart Clean By BISSELL Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Are you trying to find the best pet urine carpet cleaner? How about cleaning dog feces out of the carpet? The ideal option for you is a Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL carpet cleaner rental.

  • Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL carpet cleaners can treat any stain.
  • The Pawsitively clean rental machine and our pet-safe* machine recipes can deep clean your carpets.
  • Strong suction removes pet hair, stains, and dirt from carpets and upholstery throughout your home.
  • Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL carpet cleaner may be used for forward and backward passes, making cleaning faster and easier.
  • Our extra-large DirtLifter PowerBrush penetrates carpet fibers to loosen and remove embedded dirt, unaffected by the paw and drool mud.
  • Our tanks are split to simplify cleanup and prevent tainted water from pure water.
  • Its ergonomic, adjustable handle makes carpet shampooing easy.

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Review

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Help

  • Need Help? Please call us – at 888-839-9638
  • Representatives are available to serve you: 8 am – 10 pm EST
  • Official Website –

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Near me

Carpet Cleaner Rental FAQs

how much does it cost to hire a carpet cleaning machine?

A BISSELL carpet cleaner may be rented for as little as $29.99 for a 24-hour period and $39.99 for a 48-hour span (prices subject to change at each location). For a fee of up to $100, accessories and cleaning solutions can also be purchased separately.

what time frame does carpet drying take place?

Cleaning leaves your carpet barely moist. Most carpets dry in 6–10 hours. Depending on the season, airflow, humidity, and temperature, your carpets may take up to 24 hours to dry.

How frequently should you get your carpet professionally cleaned?

Every 12 to 18 months, you should hire a carpet cleaning professional to clean high-traffic areas and the entire carpet; however, the complete carpet should only be cleaned every two years.

Petsmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Price, Review, & Near Me

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