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Stop and Shop Carpet Cleaner Rental – Deep cleaning your carpets at least once a year—and more if you have pets, a big family, or a lot of foot traffic—is suggested. Renting a carpet cleaner for extensive cleaning is convenient.

Carpet cleaners remove germs, dust, and allergies while extending carpet life. We propose the finest carpet cleaner rentals for a deep clean.

Stop and Shop Carpet Cleaner Rental

Stop & Shop rent Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. 24-hour rentals cost $25–$35. You must buy cleaning solutions for rentals. Stop & Shop rents Rug Doctors without deposits but requires two kinds of ID. See the Stop & Shop carpet cleaning rental policy below.

Stop & Shop Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy

According to customer service staff Stop & Shop rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for $25 per 24 hours. To verify this we phoned Stop & Shop stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. All of them rented Rug Doctor carpet cleaners.

Rug Doctor offers three rental carpet cleaner models:

  • Pro Deep Cleaner prices for a 24-hour rental- $35
  • Pro Portable machine prices for a 24-hour rental- $25
  • X3 Carpet Cleaner prices for a 24-hour rental – $30

Models and current availability vary by location, so it’s best to contact your local Stop & Shop to see which machines are in stock.

You must present two types of identification including a photo ID, in order to hire a Rug Doctor. A credit card could be used as the second form of identification, according to a Stop & Shop employee in New York, however specific locations may have different rules.

Deposit And cleaning solution

Check with your local Stop & Shop for availability. According to customer service, Stop & Shop leases Rug Doctors with no deposits. Rug Doctors require specialized cleaning products Stop & Shop charges $7 for Rug Doctor chemicals.

Additional charges

If you return your Rug Doctor after the allotted time Stop & Shop can incur a late fee equal to the initial rental rate.

A 48-hour rental is an alternative if you anticipate needing the device for a period of time longer than 24 hours. Typically, a 48-hour rental costs $10 extra.

Stop and Shop Carpet Cleaner Rental Review

Stop and Shop Carpet Cleaner Help

  • Need Help? Please call us at –1-800-767-7772
  • Mon – Fri  8a-7p ET  Sat – 8a-5p ET  Sun – Closed
  • Official Website –

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Final Words

Stop And Shop rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners without deposits. The Pro Portable costs $25, the X3 Carpet Cleaner $30, and the Pro Deep Cleaner $35 for 24 hours.

In addition to the rental fee, you’ll need a cleaning solution which starts at $7. Two additional IDs and a picture ID are needed.

If you return your carpet cleaner late, you may be charged the initial rental price. Stop & Shop offers 48-hour Rug Doctor rentals for $10.

Stop And Shop FAQs

How do I get a Stop & Shop Card?

By opening a Stop & Shop Account you can apply for a Stop & Shop Card online. You can print a temporary Stop & Shop Card Card that you can use right away when you initially apply for a Stop & Shop Card online and create your Stop & Shop Account. Until you get your new Stop & Shop Card in the mail keep using your temporary card.

The Customer Service Desk is another place where you can apply for a Stop & Shop Card. On the spot, you’ll get a card that you may start using right immediately. To take advantage of the online promotions, we advise you to sign up online.

How do I use digital coupons?

Participation requires a Stop & Shop Card. You may quickly apply for a card if you don’t already have one online or through Customer Service in-store. If you register a card in-store please use it once to register it in our database. Then after 24 hours, you can register an account and load discounts.

Stop and Shop Carpet Cleaner Rental Price, Review, & Near Me 2022

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